National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore

Tan Hui Zhen

Sheares Hall | Cultural Management Board


On 21st March 2014, NUS Sheares Hall Cultural Management Board (CMB) organised its annual Rockfest concert aimed to showcase the hard-core rock bands from all the six halls in the National University of Singapore (NUS). It was a solid heart-thumping, head-banging, fist-pumping good time made even more exhilarating with Generic Print’s clap banners. The audience was spotted ecstatically clapping to the beat as they watched the performers take the stage. A great addition to the concert, Generic Print’s clap banners were once again featured at one of the most anticipated concert events also organized by CMB, called SHout 2014. The audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves and cheered the night away with the clap banners! NUS Sheares Hall CMB is delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Generic Print and sincerely thank them for the support given.