MENU Pte Ltd Pte Ltd

Madeleine Seow

Senior Manager, MarComm


When Junia introduced me to the Clap Banner, my instant reply to him was “this is what we need for our conference … tell me more”.  The experience giving applause with the Clap Banner was Powerful, Celebratory, Eco! Imagine an auditorium with 500 people clapping with the banner – that’s Power.  Our speakers and award winners being cheered on and applauded with the banner – that’s Celebratory.  This totally reversed Singapore’s culture of “watching quietly & clapping silently”.  Why Eco?  The usual practice of printing lots of event’s program sheets, speakers’ note, company’s messages, partners’ program, etc., and packing them into folders to be given away to attendees … all these wastages and hassles are gone.  Just print them all on the banner, it’s a breeze to present one each to the attendees, plus they keep it as a souvenir!  The clap banner is absolutely a solution to many logistic issues in a large scale conference.