Digital Printing

Digital print shines when lower quantities are needed; think of a run of 20 greeting cards or 100 flyers. Another benefit of digital printis it’s variable data capability. When each piece needs a unique code, name or address, digital is the only way to go.


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We are constantly on the lookout for greener products in the market to implement into our production cycle. As more energy and focus is out on the environment, we feel that we need to equally put in as much effort.

Forest Stewardship Council Papergeneric-fsc

At Generic Print, we support the use of environmentally friendly paper – Recycled paper as well as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified paper.

Our waste papers are sent regularly to a recycling plant.

Importance of FSC paper

• Environmentally Appropriate • Socially Beneficial • Economically Viable

What Is FSC ®?

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to responsible forest management. When you buy or specify products with the FSC label, you are supporting well-managed forests, where people, wildlife and the environment benefit from these practices.

Why Does It Matter?

It’s good for the environment: Simply put, it’s the right thing to do. FSC certification is globally recognized as being the most credible and strongest system for ensuring well-managed forests and identifying the products manufactured from this wood.

It’s good business: Businesses are seeing the value of operating as a green company and advertising this commitment to customers. The FSC label is a powerful tool in attracting customers and conveying a positive image of corporate responsibility.

Soy-based inksoy-based-logo-1At Generic Print, we have chosen to use soy based inks for our printing process as not only do they release less emissions in the air, they enable printed material to be recycled easily and reduces the use of clean-up chemicals.

Other benefits of Soy Ink

• Vibrant colors • Lower rub-off • Cost effective • Laser proof • Stability

•Easier to Remove When Recycled • Biodegradable • Renewable