Clap Banner

The Clap Banner was introduced in 2012 to the Singapore market as the official distributor of this patented product.

Clap Banners are fully customizable, so any messages and images can be printed on them. These enables sponsors of events to get more mileage, or reducing the cost and effort of printing other items, such as event itineraries or program schedules.

Jubilee Day of Prayer 2015 – Singapore

Jubilee Wave Singapore 2015

Generic Print presents CLAP-BANNER – Clap Away! OrangeTee Awardees!

OrangeTee: “Clap-Banners were definitely what we needed for an energetic and welcoming ambiance at our conference. Five hundred people clapping to the rhythm of the background music in the auditorium and the result was celebratory and powerful!  Printing our event program & messages on the Clap-banners also creatively replaced the conventional “registration folders” holding various sheets of papers which were discarded after event.”

Singapore NDP 2013 clap banner

“Creates excitement both visually and audibly.”

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The clap banner is a must for televised events, games and concerts. It creates excitement atmosphere at any big or small events.


It is an ideal product for sports events, and has been well-received in events including Premier Football League and World Cup Football.


It is ideal for all ages and can be used with one hand making it an ideal supporters tool for those with physical challenges.



Take photos with the Clap Banner and post them online, or bind the two sides together and viola, headgear! It’s now yours, go crazy!